What’s in a name?

Every brand has a meaning that makes it unique and tells the story of who they are and their corporate philosophies. The name “Split Pine” may be unusual, but it is deeply rooted in history and meaning.  SPT’s founders, Sam and Russ Waddill, spent much of their childhood among the tall pine forests of their ancestral lands on the border of North Florida and South Georgia. As children, this is where they learned the value of hard work and how to love and appreciate the land, its animals and the outdoors. Among the many acres of identical pine trees there was one that stood out from the rest. It was an unusual pine that was split in the middle, developed two distinct trunks and then reconnected at the top. For the Waddill brother’s and their family, this split pine tree symbolized strength, connectivity, creative spirit and not being afraid to distinguish yourself from others.

people at table

Split Pine is deeply rooted in history and meaning.