Since hospitals and most healthcare facilities are designed to be open and accessible to the public, it is no surprise that security issues are on the rise. Healthcare administrators are now turning their attention to higher levels of sophisticated technology to help them stay focused on meeting the needs of their patients, visitors, staff, property, and confidential information. Split Pine Technologies understands the importance of successfully balancing medical priorities and operational priorities (on restrictive budgets) so that healthcare facilities can function efficiently and safely. From ER rooms and nursing stations, to parking garages and staff areas Split Pine has all the technology and resources available to customize and secure any size and type of facility. Our team can work with your staff to design and implement a fully integrated plan that includes everything from video surveillance and perimeter security to access control and high-tech video analytics.

  • PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) for enhanced situational awareness
  • Wander Management for infant abduction and mental health patient tracking
  • VMS (Video Management System) for HD quality video evidence and live surveillance
  • Access Control for managing access to critical areas and HIPPA compliance
  • Asset Tracking for high value assets and supply chain protection
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Emergency/Mass Notification
  • Evacuation and Muster Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Staff Protection & Panic Alarms
  • Visitor Management Systems

Enhance safety in your healthcare facility with Split Pine Technology.

Our services will increase cost savings and ROI by improving operational efficiencies.