The retail world is a fast paced, high stress environment with a great need for security tools that can help owners and managers resolve issues quickly. We understand how hard you work and how valuable time management is to the success of your business. This is a universal theme from the convenience store owner to the high-end retail outlet owner. Split Pine Technologies can help your business succeed by providing technologies that will help you manage your business and resolve issues.

  • Intrusion Alarms with voice/video verification
  • Duress Alarms to summon law enforcement help for your employees
  • Access Control Systems to secure and restrict access to your facilities and inventory
  • Video Recording Integrated with POS (Point-of-Sale) – to help you find video evidence quickly and detect skimming, employee theft and sweet-hearting
  • RFID and Loading Dock Security to help safeguard your supply chain

We can install intrusion alarms with voice and video verification.


Split Pine can help you prevent employee theft.